Public Speaking is an art which can be developed through practise. It helps to develop your leadership qualities, and improve your social and personal life. Public Speaking brings out your leadership qualities and helps to interact with leaders from different fields.
Leaders are the initiators. Are you ready to take up the initiative to lead yourself and others? Before we venture to lead others we must be able to lead ourselves. We must be balanced emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. Life Management Academy is the place to hone your leadership qualities.


Public speaking is a common source of stress for everyone, but the best way to develop oneself. Whether we work alone or with large group of people, eventually we need to speak in public to get certain tasks accomplished. And if we want to be leaders or achieve anything meaningful in our lives, we will often need to speak to groups to be successful. Therefore we have created a right environment & platform with stage, podium, microphone and audience for this special purpose to practice again & again to be a confident leader.

The programme is run by Dipankar, the best Life Coach in India, author & one of the best Corporate Trainers.