9 Secrets, the Ultimate Success Strategies written by Dipankar Biswas is the ultimate self-help book on Personal & organisational Development. It’s a step by step guide to develop individuals, organisations, communities and nations

This book is the result of my 9 years experience in coaching and training CEO’s, MDS, Doctors, CAs, Trainers, Homemakers, Managers and employees of most of the MNC’s in Personal confidential sessions and group workshops. It’s a practical guide to get back your life in right track and reclaim your success and happiness.

Here is a guarantee

9 Secrets, the Ultimate Success Strategies contains 11 chapters including ‘Introduction’ and ‘Overview of 9 Secrets’. At the end of each chapter, there is an exercise. It may take 15 to 30 minutes to complete an exercise. If you can invest and contribute 30 minutes a day for yourself and complete all the exercises; I assure that you will achieve multiple benefits. If you have completed all the exercises and practised for at least 45 days; and still if you feel that you have not got the benefit you expected. You are eligible for full refund.

We will be happy to refund your full amount you paid for this manual. The validity period is 90 days from the date of purchase.