Professional selling skills development programme

If an organization is collapsing, it is due to low performance of sales team; and an organization is growing due to high performance of the sales team. It’s known to everyone that the survival of an organization depends on the performance the sales team.

How many CEOs are serious to groom their sales professional to be the best team in the organization?

Fear of rejection is the biggest obstacle in the success of our sales career.

The starting point of overcoming fear of rejection is to realise that it is not to the individual. Rejection has nothing to do with you as a person. The prospect does not know you well enough to reject you as an individual. To repeat: rejection is simply not personal. Everyone is bombarded with so much sales proposals in our commercial society that ‘NO’ is a standard response to any sales proposal. Therefore the first step is to convert our prospect from ‘NO’ to ‘KNOW’ and avoid the rejection. Rejection comes if we try to sell something. People like to buy; they don’t like to be sold.

Selling is all about relationship building. Therefore building and maintaining a quality relationship is very important in selling.

There is a magic formula to build relationship: F.O.R.M. which I have used during my sales career, we will discuss during training session.

Like a doctor, the most important aspect in selling is the art of asking questions and listening patiently to understand the client; so that you can provide the right solution to the client. Then ask for business and close the sale.

We conduct individual and group training program to improve the performance of your team with guranteed success.

For individual or for a group training program, please email us or sms us and we will get back to you.

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