The programme conducted by Mr.Dipankar Biswas of Life Coaching Institute, Hyderabad for the Officers of the High Court are found to be highly useful for all round development of attitude and performance of the Officers. They are exuberant and informative.

Mr. P. Swaroop Reddy,
Register General,


“I proudly announce that though I claim to have personally acclaimed various training practices, the one called “Life Coaching” is the best and has left a positive mark in my life. I have immensely benefited from this course and now am very clear on what? How? And why should I achieve my purpose in life. The curriculum has been thoroughly researched and has been designed for people who at least would like to have a successful career.”

Mr.Vamsee Madhav,
Managing Director,
Sravana Technologies.

“Hi! I am Siva Priya and I’ve undertaken this L.C. After this I feel I ‘m on a constant ‘High’ in Life. Mainly because I know what I am and I have to do. I think in fact I have achieved things beyond my expectations. All those who’ve achieved their goals but still dissatisfied then this is what you should be doing.”


“Life Coaching is one of the Best things that had happened to me. I am “Behavior wise- Thinking wise- Experience wise” a different person after Life Coaching. Now I have a purpose to live, L.C made me realize it. I am thoroughly aligned to my purpose in life.” 

MBA (London) 
Training Consultant & Best Radio Jockey Winner

“All the individuals who attended the programme. It looks like they not only enjoyed the sessions but also seemed to have gained significantly.”

Mr.Sudhir Rao,
Managing Director,

“I have attended so many programs on self-development and read a lot of books before, but the results I achieved from ‘life coaching” out weigh others. I have achieved breakthrough in various areas of my life like business, relationships and health. Mr. Dipankar Biswas is an excellent Life Coach. With his training in Australia he skillfully balances the ideas of west and east.”

Mr.Subba Rao Yadlapati,
Managing Director,
R P P Ltd. (CII Member)

“I find the program, a systematic approach to imparting ‘living skills’, a tool to live better in the modern world where people are caught up always on the lopsided development of functionality, specialization etc. It is an eye opener to look at the various aspects of life and to take cognizance of the obvious - Such as health, finance, etc, which are ignored and taken for granted.”

Mrs.Vaidehi Rajgopalan
Corporate Advisor, Ex. AGM,
State Bank Of Hyderababd

“Mr Dipankar was very articulate in communicating his ideas and conducted the programme with lot of confidence. His programme was very educative and was well received. The staff and management are quite impressed with Mr.Dipankar’s knowledge of the subject and presentation skills.

Dr.M.Veera Prasad
Vice President – Medical Services,
Global Hospitals

“The coaching session scientifically helped me to improve the areas like Business Health and Emotion. Today I am not a slave of my emotion but master of my own emotions. Life Coaching taught to control my emotion. I became creator today.”

Mrs.Bharathy Nair.
Marketing Consultant & Child Psychologists


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