Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you have any training calendar?
A)No, we don’t have training calendar. We customize the program according to clients need and personalized sessions are scheduled on the mutual agreed timing .

2. How long is the course or training programme duration?
A)• The core training programme consists of 11 sessions of two hours once in a week over a period of 10 weeks to transform your life.
• The workshop can be for a day also.
• For the best effectiveness of the programme three days workshop is essential to bring changes in an organization

3. What is success club?
A)The people who are interested to grow and lead a happy life join this club .

4. How to register to success club?
A)You can come down to the office in Balanagar or download the form from the net and send to the Balanagar postal address .

5. How much is the fees?
A)Registration is free and you can attend Free sessions on Sunday 10 am – 12 pm at the Balanagar office .

6. How to join public speaking development programme?
A)You need to take prior appointment and fixed the dates of the session in advance.

7. Where do you have the training programme?
A)Most of the workshop venue is organized by the company at their company premise or in the hotels and resorts. Personalized sessions are taken at the Balanagar Office on prior appointment

8. How much is the professional fees?
A)Professional fees vary from programme to programme? Group workshop fees is Rs.15000/- for a day and personalized programme professional fees start from Rs.5000/-..

9. How do I pay the fees?
A)You can pay by cash or cheque, and you can also deposit in the ICICI Bank account: Life Management Academy, a/c no. 020205001932 (Punjagutta Branch).

10. How much is book 9 Secrets the Ultimate Success Strategies cost?
A)The book cost Rs.699/- and CD cost Rs.199/-.

11. Where can I get the book and CD?
A)They are available in the leading book stores or you can order with us by paying into our bank account-. 

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