The future belongs to the managers and business leaders whose actions are built on Emotional Intelligence (EQ). 
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) or Emotional Resource is the most important resource in human being. It is the most delicate, most misunderstood and most misused resource. You can achieve anything and everything if you are strong in Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Would you like to have better relationship with your boss, customers, colleagues and subordinates?
Would you like to have better relationship with your spouse, children, parents, relatives, neighbors and friends?
Would you like to double your income in 6 months? EQ-250x250

Research shows most of the illness is caused by un-peace of mind. Here is a very partial list:
Headache, Indigestions, Ulcers, Arthritic pains, Constant fatigues, Sleeplessness, Slow healing of wounds, Kidney trouble, Circulatory trouble, Frigidity, IMPOTENCE, Rashes, other skin afflictions, Mouth infections, Rectal disorders, Muscular cramps....and more.....and more......
90% of the illness among corporate employees is due to Emotional disturbance and emotional imbalance 

Outstanding Life Coach Dipankar can brings positive changes in you by aligning your purpose in life and consciously designing strategies to achieve those goals and setting action steps. 

Please watch feedback in the following link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-d50cJcixuM
So let's cut to the point… 

If you know, deep down inside that you need to make a major change in your life right now! Then now is the time to act.

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